Cat Pouch Hoodie


Do you want to be able to snuggle with your cat all the time?

Well, our cat pouch hoodie allows you to do just that!

This hoodie has a little pocket that your cat can chill out in, and you will always have your little guy right with you.

Who doesn’t want constant snuggle sessions with their kitty?!

Buy the cat pouch hoodie today at 30% off.

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Features Of Our Cat Hoodie With Pocket:

    • Made of cotton and polyester mix
    • The pocket used for carrying your cat is very fuzzy
    • The pouch can be removed if you need to wash it (in case your cat has an accident)
    • Fashionable look
    • Great for wearing at home, outside, and in relaxed environments
    • There are cutesy ears on the sweatshirt
    • The draw strings on the cat carrier hoodie has little fluffy balls for your kitty to play with
    • Purchase includes one cat hoodie with a zipper pouch
    • The sleeves look like a cat’s paws. I like to say it helps you get more in touch with your feline friend
    • Lowest price guaranteed
    • Purchase includes one cat hoodie with a zipper pouch

Hoodie With A Cat Pouch: Detailed Product Description

The cat pocket hoodie is one of the best inventions ever. Your cat can go everywhere with you, and cuddle with you along the way. There is nothing better than cuddling with your cat.

Now, you can snuggle anytime anywhere by carrying your cat in this hoodie. One owner of this hoodie remarked that they, “love it!” This sweatshirt with a pocket brings you and your cat together in a stylish and comfortable fashion.

When buying any hoodie, you are going to want something that is very comfortable. The cat pouch hoodie is made out of a cotton and polyester blend. The part that touch your skin on this hoodie is very lightweight and breathable, while the lining of the kangaroo pouch where your cat sits is very fuzzy. We always want to try to pamper our little guys, don’t we? You can do just that with our cozy cat hoodie.

The back of this cat pouch hoodie just looks like any regular old sweatshirt, but the front has its own very unique and cute design. The drawstrings for our hoodie with a pouch have little pom poms on the end to keep up the very sweet and adorable aesthetic.

Also, these pom poms can be a little toy that your cat can bat at, and keep themselves entertained. The front of the sweatshirt with a pouch for your cat has a cute cartoon picture of a cat. There are also 3 three little paw prints on the pocket part of the sweatshirt to keep up the kitty theme. You can buy our kitty pouch sweatshirt in three different colors, whatever best fits your style.

Hopefully, most of the time when you are wearing this sweatshirt you will be carrying your cat in the front pocket for those snuggles. If that is not the case for whatever reason, you can button up the pocket, and wear it just like any other hoodie. The pocket is also closed with a zipper, so you can put valuables, and other items inside the pocket. Honestly, I have heard of some people putting snacks in the pocket on a lazy day around the home.

The inside of the pocket is very fluffy, so you do not have to worry about your cat getting chilly and being in an unpleasant area. Putting your kitten in the pouch holder is an absolute treat for both of you. Being surrounded by cuteness all day… yes please! Spoiling your kitty with attention and snuggles just got a little bit easier.

This pocket is also removable, so there is no worries if your cat goes potty in the pocket while you are carrying them around. This applies especially true to not potty trained kittens. If you are also the owner of smaller pets like hamsters, our hoodie can still work great for these different kind of animals.

This hoodie with a pouch can also be a really good way of getting your cat outside without having to get out the dreaded crate. Usually cats do not like the crate that takes them to the vet. This hoodie can be a great alternative as all you have to do is get your cat to snuggle with you, and then you just walk to the car. No more do you have to deal with trying to entice your cat into the crate.

Benefits Of Our Cat Carrying Hoodie

  • We sell our cat holding hoodie at much cheaper than some other stores. Our product is up to 10$ less than other websites that sell cat hoodies with a zipper pouch.
  • Our product will be delivered to your house within 4 – 7 days after you order. This is faster than a lot of companies who import their hoodie from China. (Up to 20 days faster)


Is there anything I need to know about for washing this cat hoodie?

When washing this hoodie, you can machine wash it, and then you should proceed to air drying the hoodie. Air drying it will allow it to last longer, and keep the material in the prime condition.

How long does it take for the cat pocket sweatshirt to be delivered?

The shipping of our hoodie with a pocket for your cat will take between 4 and 7 days with fulfillment provided by USPS. Shipping for this hoodie costs 4.99$.

What is the return policy on the kitten pouch hoodie?

We want to provide you with the best customer experience when buying our cat pouch sweatshirt. Our return policy is that you can return the hoodie within 30 days of the purchase of the product. Just get in touch with us through our contact page, and we can work out the details.

Sizing Chart

*For more help with sizing to find the perfect fitting cat pouch hoodie for you, you can refer to this guide.

If you want a way to get closer with your cat, it can be as simple as getting our cat pocket hoodie.

Buy our cat pouch hoodie today 30% off, and get a sweatshirt that will give you more time to bond with your baby.

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